1. Midnight Fever
    The Midnight Kings

  2. Bee Bee Sea - Be Bop Palooza

  3. Bryan / Hate To See You Stay
    Gentleman Jesse & His Men

  4. Rosie
    Love Trap

  5. Gotta Lotta Rhythm
    Motel Mirrors

  6. Ad Ogni Buca

  7. Lost For Words
    Deniz Tek

  8. Walking Through My Hell
    The Peawees

  9. Moving Target
    The Peawees

  10. Took a Wrong Turn
    Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders

  11. Bee Bee Sea Deluxe
    Bee Bee Sea

  12. Stranger 7''
    The Peawees

  13. Open That Door 7''
    Bad Sports

  14. Not Enough 7''
    The Peawees & Mark Arm

  15. Deniz Tek Collection Vol.1: The Visitors
    The Visitors

  16. 10 Years of Wild Honey

  17. Sonic Boomerang
    Bee Bee Sea

  18. Infected / Sleep

  19. Liquor Store / Dirty Sandy 7''
    Lost Balloons

  20. Christmas 7''

  21. The LP Collection Vol.2
    The Rubinoos

  22. Mean Old Twister
    Deniz Tek

  23. Questa Sera Non Esco

  24. Prison Mouse
    Deniz Tek

  25. Winter In September
    Shantih Shantih

  26. The LP Collection Vol.1
    The Rubinoos

  27. Band of The Thousand Dances
    The Midnight Kings

  28. 21st Century Fall

  29. Carol Anne
    The Midwest Beat

  30. Marsh Marigold
    Andy Kavanaugh

  31. 20 Years and You Still Don't Know Me
    The Peawees

  32. Agitated
    Mark Sultan / BBQ

  33. Your Pretty Fangs
    Movie Star Junkies

  34. Free of Being
    The Midwest Beat

  35. I Saw Them Leaving
    The Pussywarmers and Réka

  36. Still Singles
    Movie Star Junkies

  37. Singles 2005-2011
    The Midwest Beat

  38. s/t
    The Tunas

  39. Traveller's Moon
    Adam Mc-Bride-Smith

  40. You are the reason for my troubles
    The Mojomatics

  41. Son of the dust
    Movie Star Junkies

  42. Leave it behind
    The Peawees

  43. Gone Not Lost
    The Midwest Beat

  44. i

  45. Arcobaleno
    The Goodnight Loving

  46. We're getting older

  47. Cinderella 7"
    Langhorne Slim

  48. s/t
    The Goodnight Loving

  49. Riding Dinosaurs
    Beach Patrol

  50. Down My Spine
    The Mojomatics


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We like rock’n’roll, and pop songs

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