1. The Peawees
    La Spezia, Italy
  2. Doug Tuttle
    Somerville, Massachusetts
  3. FREEZ
  4. Tim Timebomb
    San Francisco, California
  5. Radioactivity
    Austin, Texas
  6. Deniz Tek
  7. Motel Mirrors
    Memphis, Tennessee
  8. Movie Star Junkies
    Turin, Italy
  9. Shantih Shantih
    Atlanta, Georgia
  10. TV's Daniel
    Austin, Texas
  11. Lost Balloons
    Austin, Texas
  12. Love Trap
    Turin, Italy
  13. The Midwest Beat
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  14. Gentleman Jesse & His Men
    Atlanta, Georgia
  15. Miss Chain & The Broken Heels
  16. Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders
    Los Angeles, California
  17. The Goodnight Loving
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  18. The Midnight Kings
  19. The Mojomatics
    Venice, Italy
  20. The Pussywarmers and Réka
    Lugano, Switzerland
  21. The Tunas
    Bologna, Italy
  22. Beach Patrol
    Green Bay, Wisconsin
  23. Trevisan
    Bergamo, Italy
  24. Andy Kavanaugh
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  25. The Courettes
    Aalborg, Denmark
  26. giuda
    Rome, Italy
  27. Yonic South
    Brescia, Italy
  28. Menagramo
    Milan, Italy


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Independent record label from Italy
Straight from our garage
We like rock’n’roll and pop songs

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